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Ralitsa Lyubenova

Workshop Leader

Ralitsa is Program & Training Manager at U Grow Academy – an academy focused on soft skills, management and leadership trainings. She is a training expert from more than a decade who has designed, facilitated, and delivered numerous training programs, competency building interventions and talent development solutions. 

Ralitsa has extensive hands-on experience in large global organisations. Throughout her career, she has delivered many leadership development academies, knowledge sharing workshops, soft skills trainings and master classes, problem solving and ideation series, team coaching sessions and support. Personally training over 1 500 managers across different levels. 

Ralitsa is the only certified Pro.Play facilitator in Bulgaria, part of the Global Pro.Play facilitators’ community.


Pro.Play - A Dynamic Approach to Daily Standups and Retrospectives

Pro.Play – Playfully Speed Up and Revitalize Standups and Retrospectives A core component of Agile methodology is the morning standup. This brief, daily meeting allows team members to update each other on their activities, progress, setbacks, and goals.

 Standups are designed to foster team cohesion and ensure everyone is aligned. Retrospectives, which are critical for reflecting on the team’s performance and identifying areas for improvement, play an equally important role. 

Our workshop offers a playful and innovative approach to rejuvenating both standups and retrospectives, making them faster, more engaging, and more productive. 

We will introduce the Pro.Play method as a solution to enhance these crucial Agile practices. 

By incorporating playful elements, teams can reconnect with the fundamental benefits of these meetings, ensuring they remain dynamic and beneficial components of their Agile workflow.

Business Agility Bulgaria 2024 Conference Logo

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