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Predrag Rajković

Workshop Leader

I’m a product and Agile coach with over 15 years of experience working with products at different stages of their lifecycle, and over 10 years of doing so in an Agile environment.

Out of the long list of product that I’ve been working on I like to mention leading product from zero to one million monthly active users, leading creation of most innovative infotainment portal in the region at that time, leading teams delivering really superior global multimillion users entertaining solution, facilitating creation of an innovative car tracking solution…

I’ve also led product teams ranging from 4 to over 20 people.
I’ve been leading not only digital, software products, but also physical products providing me with experience in both domains that follow the same underlying principles, but whose delivery and distribution have their specificities. 

Certified Facilitator Certified Design Sprint Facilitator Certified Advanced Scrum Product Owner


Creating a Meaningful Product Vision

A product vision can be a tricky thing. Everyone (at least everyone dealing with products) should know what it is and what is its purpose. However, formulating one and communicating it throughout the company is not an easy task. That’s why when asked about the vision of their products, product teams come up with a list of features, vague desire to address a customer needs, or a high-level and fluffy statements that have no real purpose. 

This workshop will help attendees clarify the reasons why a product vision is important, and then through a series of group and individual simulations they will create a vision statement for an imaginary product. Even this imaginary product will be a subject to creation on the spot. With some basic assumption on its nature, we will define its target group, customer needs, business goals and all other necessary things. 

Finally, we’ll have a clearly formulated vision statement that can align company around it and give clear direction to the teams where we are heading with our product. The goal of the workshop is to equip attendees with tools and techniques that will help them in creating visions for their products.

Business Agility Bulgaria 2024 Conference Logo

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