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Patrick Martin


Patrick has worked as a tester, mainframe developer, project manager, scrum master, product owner and agile coach therefore has experienced delivery from many angles. 

In recent years, he has worked in both public and private sectors , spanning finance, agriculture and automotive, helping people of many roles and ranks apply agile values and principles from product ideation, execution and delivery.

Patrick is based in Belfast, United Kingdom/Ireland.


Business Agility in Automotive - A Case Study

Discover how an agile and lean mindset transformed an inefficient internal parts procurement process, leading to a dramatic reduction in cycle time and frustration. This session will showcase how fostering interdisciplinary understanding and cooperation can achieve a common goal.

Learning Points/Key Takeaways

Agile creates an environment and culture where:

  • Continuous Improvement: We are encouraged to recognize that everything can be improved and questioned.
  • Dysfunction Identification: Frustrating experiences signal a dysfunctional process that requires deeper examination.
  • Permission to Innovate: We are empowered to examine and improve processes.
  • Strategic Influence: Learn to identify and persuade the right stakeholders.
  • Alignment with Agile Values: Understand that all positive changes reflect closer alignment with the values and principles of the Agile Manifesto.
  • Experimental Approach: Framing changes as experiments within a control group increases the likelihood of gaining necessary permissions.
  • Sensitive Navigation: Addressing long-established processes requires careful handling. Discover and address the concerns people have about changing these processes, and provide assurances that proposed changes will alleviate those worries.
Business Agility Bulgaria 2024 Conference Logo

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