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Irena Komitova


Irena Komitova has a 25+ years of business, academic and NGO experience as founder, CEO, board member, vice-president, chief luxury officer, managing partner, etc. Visionary and innovative, highly entrepreneurial, dynamic and successful senior executive, mentor and leader with demonstrated ability to build agile companies, establish and develop new brands, enlarge market share and lead implementation teams to reach beyond their targets. 

She is among the creators of the EMBA program of AUBG, country consultant for The Economist Group in Bulgaria, licensee and organizer of TEDxVitosha, publisher of PREMIUM Lifestyle magazine, member of the Supervisory Board of Orgachim Bulgaria, founder and member of the boards of several NGOs like BIBA, BBLF, BBBA, and the Ladies Forum. 

Ms Komitova is a Stanford Sloan M.Sc. in Management (2001), and alumna of the Pew Economic Freedom Fellows Program, School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, Washington D.C. (1993); and the Georgetown Leadership Seminar (1993). 

The World Economic Forum in Davos named her a Global Leader for Tomorrow (2000).



How do you juggle NGO leadership, CEO positions in multinational companies in cosmetics, insurance and automobiles EMBA lecturing with numerous entrepreneurial ventures – some very successful, some – outright disappointing disasters? And more. 

This talk is about business… unusual and it will share real case studies from my 20+ years as a leader in the exceedingly interesting transition of Bulgaria from planned to market economy. Can we learn how to take advantage of new opportunities?

 Can we adapt super quickly to market demands and challenges? 

Can we continuously innovate – our business and ourselves – in order to get better outcomes. How do we lead our teams – with purpose and positive intent, to transform people, businesses and communities?

Business Agility Bulgaria 2024 Conference Logo

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