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Bogoy Bogdanov


Bogoy Bogdanov is a co-founder of AgilePool Ltd. and an organizer of the Business Agility Bulgaria Conference.

He is a seasoned Agile Practitioner, coach, consultant, and trainer with over a decade of experience in Lean and Agile practices and transforming organizations. Bogoy has worked with small, large, and global organizations in various industries and helped them reach their goals and achieve true Business Agility.

Bogoy helps companies, departments, and teams adopt an Agile-Lean mindset and reach higher performance levels, improving their morale and organizational culture.


FutureAgility: How to Master Emerging Business Trends

Do you know what’s coming next in the business world, particularly in the era of uncertainty and AI? We may not have all the answers, but we’re equipped with the right strategies and an action plan!

Join this session designed for business leaders and Agile specialists striving to maintain a competitive edge in an era of rapid transformation.

Dive deep into the impact of emerging technological trends on Agile culture and methodologies. With a focus on practical applications, this session explores necessary adaptations in Agile practices to help your organization survive and thrive in an evolving business landscape.

Engage directly with thought leaders and seasoned practitioners who will provide insights and tools to refine Agile approaches within your operations. You can expect to leave with a robust understanding of integrating innovative practices that effectively meet the demands of future business environments. Equip your team for success and transform potential challenges into substantial opportunities for growth.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand how Agile methodologies can be leveraged to navigate business uncertainties, particularly in contexts influenced by rapid technological changes like AI
  • Learn specific ways to integrate emerging technologies into your Agile ways of working, enhancing the adaptability and responsiveness of your teams.
  • Gain insights into necessary changes and adaptations within Agile practices to keep pace with the evolving business landscape.
  • Acquire strategies that foster organizational resilience, ensuring your business can withstand and thrive amidst ongoing changes and challenges.
  • Explore practical applications of advanced Agile techniques tailored to modern business environments and challenges.
  • Understand how maintaining and enhancing your Agile practices can be a key differentiator and competitive advantage in the marketplace.
  • Gain the capability to transform potential business challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation by effectively applying Agile principles.
Business Agility Bulgaria 2024 Conference Logo

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