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Anna Tsolova

Workshop Leader

Public speaking expert with 20+ years of experience in the two leading TV channels in Bulgaria – bTV and Nova TV. Skilled in News Writing, Media Skills Training, Breaking News, Crisis Communications Training, and Public Speaking. Author/host of about 15 000 TV interviews, short stories and documentaries.

Founder of “Speak, so people see you!“ – а project, dedicated to teaching compelling presentation, successful TV interviewing and effective on camera skills. Together with a team of video professionals the company, also creates corporate videos fitting the specific needs of the client.

Strong education professional with a Master’s degree focused in Bulgarian Language and Literature from Vélikoturnovski universitet ‘Sv. Sv. Kiril i Metodi”.


The Power of Storytelling in Communication and Public Speaking - Using Metaphorical Language Effectively

  • Storytelling is a way to connect emotionally with the people before us.
  • Stories and examples as arguments for our main message in various communication situations – business conversations, talks with clients and partners, presentations, and different public appearances.
  • How do you tell impactful stories?
  • Metaphors and figurative language. How to use them?
  • How can our words be remembered?
  • The lecture is rich in video materials, stories, and simulation games.
Business Agility Bulgaria 2024 Conference Logo

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