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Anelia Miteva

Workshop Leader

Anelia Miteva is the founder of CATRO Bulgaria, Senior consultant and NAP master trainer, an empowering leader with a mission, vision and strong drive for constant development. An alumnus of both Sheffield University and the University of Heidelberg, Anelia skillfully combined her MBA in Human Resource management with a Master in Political science, Economics and International law. 

Her passion at CATRO is developing and implementing innovative, science-based programmes for Neuro Agility, Empowering Leadership, Employer Branding and Employee Engagement in different industries. 

Along with her business work, Anelia puts inspirational efforts in a number of CSR projects, such as being the Deputy Board President of SOS Children’s Villages Bulgaria as well as a devoted mentor, inspirational lecturer and Board member of the EMPROVE foundation, dedicated to womens’ empowerment. 

Her newest personal mission is devoted to raise awareness about Neurodiversity@work.


Neuro Agility – The Key to Unlocking Your Brain Potential

Did you know that your brain has the extraordinary ability to rewire itself and adapt to new challenges? Discover the fascinating world of neuroplasticity and brain potential in our workshop. We propose cutting-edge knowledge in the practical application of neuroscience focused on enhancing the agility of the brain. 

In today’s fast-paced technology landscape, continuous learning and adaptability are key factors for success. We will equip you with valuable insights and practical strategies for optimizing your learning capacity and skills, based on the Neuro Agility Advanced + assessment tool. 

CATRO Bulgaria Master practitioner, senior consultant & trainer Anelia Miteva will facilitate an interactive workshop in which participants will explore in practice techniques and tools how to enhance their overall brain fitness, problem-solving abilities, creativity, and performance. By understanding the principles of neuroplasticity and their implications for personal and professional growth, you will be empowered to break free from limiting beliefs and tap into their full potential.

Key topics to be covered include:
• The science behind neuroplasticity and how it influences learning and skill acquisition.
• Nurturing a growth mindset and conscious leadership to improve overall well-being, and build effective relationships within the team
• Practical techniques to promote Neuro agility, such as mindfulness practices, brain fitness and cognitive exercises, and daily habits for the agile, quick, and adaptive brain.
• Strategies for optimizing cognitive functions, memory retention, and information processing

Whether you’re a leader, software developer, project manager, data analyst, or entrepreneur, this workshop offers valuable insights and actionable takeaways to help you thrive in each ever-evolving industry.

Embrace the joy of learning, challenge your assumptions, and embark on a journey of self-discovery that will leave you inspired, informed, and ready to unleash the full power of your amazing brain!

Business Agility Bulgaria 2024 Conference Logo

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